Darla Sue Reynolds Picture Album

These photographs were submitted by member Darla Sue Reynolds - 3458-037

David Crockett Reynolds  1856-1931 Sol Clayton David C  Reynolds296 David Levoy Reynolds007 (2) David Levoy with Roy and Herbert037  (2) Rufus Ross Reynolds (2) NannyDixieJennyArthurLevoyWallace  kids (2) Frances Levenia Terry Reynolds  (2) J. Monroe Ora D Cheatham  Bessie  with doll

The above photos are of my Ancestors!

  1. My oldest known relative - David Crockett Reynolds 1856-1931
  2. Solomon Clayton and younger David Crockett Reynolds
  3. David Levoy Reynolds 1884-1935 (Crockett's only biological child)
  4. David Levoy Reynolds younger with sons Roy Leonard (b. 1916) and Herbert (b. 1918)
  5. Rufus Ross Reynolds 1861-1942 Crockett's younger brother
  6. Group - LR Back - Nanny Lady?, Frances L. Terry Reynolds "Dixie, Jennie Holder, Arthur G. Holder Front - Wallace ? holding Roy Leonard Reynolds, David Levoy Reynolds holding Herbert Lenton Reynolds I don't know who Nanny lady really is (Wallace's wife?), Dixie is David Levoy's wife, The Holders were Crockett's inlaws, Wallace is labeled as Uncle Wallace, Roy and Herbert are brothers with Herbert being my daddy and Roy my uncle. I know the picture is not good so may not post well but shows a few more relatives.
  7. David Levoy Reynolds wife, "Dixie" Frances Levinia Terry Reynolds (Daughter of John W. Terry and Mahala Jane Terry, Lawrence County, AL)
  8. J. Monroe Reynolds with wife Ora Dee Cheatham and child Bessie (David Levoy's 1st Cousin)
Unidentified (2) Unidentified (3) Unidentified Roy Herbert Neighbor015 (2) Roy, Unidentified boy, Herbert Reynolds Reunion300

Since these are not identified some could possibly be Terry rather than Reynolds relatives, I just don't have a way to know.

In the 4th photo you have an unidentified girl, Roy Reynolds, unidentified baby, Herbert Reynolds

In the 5th photo you have Roy Reynolds holding a bird on the left, and unidentified boy, Herbert Reynolds holding a cat. At one point I was told the other boy might be a Blair.

This 6th photo is online frequently but I received it from Rufus Reynolds' grandson, Chester. He knew a few but not all and I'd love to know if there are more Reynolds in the picture. I know Rufus and David are correct but can't vouch for other names. The photo was taken at Benjamin Franklin Reynolds (Rufus' son) home. Back row L-R: Rufus R. Reynolds, next two men unidentified, David Crockett Reynolds, Unidentified lady, James Robert "Bob" Reynolds, Benjamin Franklin Reynolds, 3 unidentified ladies Middle: Nancy Loutitia Burns, the person next to her looks like a female to me but I was told to her right is her husband Samuel Teague Hanvey, Catherine Isabella Wilson (Samuel's mother), last person on that row Millie Catherine Keyser (Rufus' wife)

I know none of the children.

(Benjamin F. Reynolds married Carrie Hanvey and Alda Josephine Reynolds married James W. Hanvey thus the connection)